Our name ‘Zoja’, pronounced Zoi-yah means life. We create pieces of jewellery that are an on going story, recalling memories, people and places. Each piece expresses part of that journey.  Driven by discovery, curiosity and colour, we create unpredictable and arresting pieces inspired by the vibrancy and diversity of the world we continually explore.



Designed by South Africa-Serbian creative, Zoja Mihic, her eponymous line evokes a narrative around colour, beautiful and unexpected materials and her contemporary sensibility.  After completing her MBA in International Luxury Brand Management at L’Essec in Paris, France, she decided to engage her passion for design by launching Zoja. Living between New York and Cape Town coupled with her extensive travels abroad she finds herself continually immersed in diverse, cosmopolitan cultures. Creating jewellery that fuses these collective inspirations she expresses her contemporary approach to luxury. A deep love for contrast and relentless curiosity is reflected in her eclectic aesthetic. Since the journey began her line has grown steadily drawing the allegiance of likeminded women across the globe.